Handicap Hinges

Becoming handicap can be a very traumatic experience to someone's quality of life.  Adding to the stress level is the fact that most homes are not equipped for handicap people.  There are several ADA compliant accessories on the market for individuals to take advantage of and many improve the quality of life for those who are handicapped.

There is one accessory that many are not aware of which will greatly increase the ease of movement throughout the house for those who are wheel chair or power chair restricted.  What I'm talking about is handicap hinges. 

Standard hinges do not allow doors to open clear of the jamb unless the door is located in the center of a wall which allows the door to swing completely open against the wall.  Almost all doors open against a perpendicular wall in a room and restrict the opening of a standard bedroom door from 32" down to about 30".  This only allows a couple of inches of clearance for wheel chairs.

Handicap hinges allow the door to swing completely open in front of the jamb and it allows full access of the 32" door jamb.  These couple of inches can make the difference in someone’s life.  They are easy to install and run about $6 per hinge.  Anyone with a screw driver can install them.  As always, if you need someone to help you, don't hesitate to call us.

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